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WOW - GCZone - 2013-05-27

Hey Guys

Well I can say that I love MyBB. I only wish I had discovered it before I started a forum.

I use SMF at the minute, however I want to convert to MyBB

I'm a hardware dude and programming is not my area at all.

The merge process appears a little daunting as I don't want to make mistakes.

Really I would like to know if doing this requires some reasonable web design knowledge or can it all be done smoothly using the tool with little knowledge?

Does anyone offer a setup and merge service? (Sorry if this question is not allowed, please delete if it is)



RE: WOW - Nathan Malcolm - 2013-05-27

Quote:The merge process appears a little daunting as I don't want to make mistakes.

Providing you make backups before the process you should be fine. Smile

It's as simple as installing MyBB, uploading the merge system to the directory where MyBB is installed, and then navigating to /merge/.

See: [Docs: Running_the_Merge_System] for the full details. It's a very simple process. Smile

RE: WOW - GCZone - 2013-05-27

Thanks Nathan.

I read the docs for normal install and merging the only bit i'm unsure about is do i drop all the MyBB files in to my root folder where my smf install is?



RE: WOW - Paul H. - 2013-05-28

No, you have a separate folder, perhaps /mybb/.

RE: WOW - GCZone - 2013-05-28

Thanks Paul/Nathan

I'm going to make the jump. All up to speed with the docs etc on doing this.

Just a final few things so i'm sure this will go smoothly.

1) separate folder for mybb install. /mybb/ sounds fine
2) do i just use my existing database or do i need a duplicate database?
3) once the merge is complete can i then delete the smf install from root and move the mybb files to the root folder?

Thanks for all the help. The fast and polite answers have really made my mind up in moving to mybb.

RE: WOW - GCZone - 2013-09-08

Just about to move over in the next few days. Once I have completed the merge the myBB files will be in a separate folder root/myBB/

Obviously it would be much better for the forum install to be in the root folder like my SMF install is.

Is there a way this can be done?

Thanks all

RE: WOW - Allan - 2013-09-08

I was nervous on my first convert. It's really easy and nothing to be worried about. Just make backups and follow the instructions.