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Some space in the css buttons? - SyncX - 2013-06-04


Can someone tell me how can I add some space below and above the New Thread button. As it's too close to each other and too close in the forum above. Hope someone could help me. Here's what I mean.

[Image: lgtd162.png]


RE: Some space in the css buttons? - .m. - 2013-06-04

there are two occurrences of newthread button on forumdisplay_threadlist template
first one is like below
<div class="float_right">{$newthread}</div>
and second one is like below
<div class="float_right" style="margin-top: 4px;">{$newthread}</div>

for the above div elements, you can use inline css style codes margin-top and margin-bottom as required.
(see guide for css margin)