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Please Help...I'm clueless - poetnaveed - 2013-06-06

I've been trying to change the theme/template for the forum I'm creating, I have tried following the video tutorials, but I still cant get my head around it.
I cant seem to upload images..pfft..cant seem to get any of it right.

Is there anyway I can do it simply? I dont want an amazing fandangly all singing all dancing looking forum, I just want it to look tidy. A new colour and for it not to have Mybb as the logo, that is all I'm after.

Please, can someone help me, or do this for me?
It's really starting to stress me out

Thanks in advance

RE: Please Help...I'm clueless - .m. - 2013-06-06

see this tutorial on installation of the themes

RE: Please Help...I'm clueless - poetnaveed - 2013-06-06

Im ok up until it tells me to install images...i dont know where to get images from o.O
Im really really novice at this, completely dumb.

RE: Please Help...I'm clueless - .m. - 2013-06-06

^ theme images should be available in the compressed archive of the theme. we extract it on our computer
and get xml file of the theme and a folder containing the images of the theme. that images folder should
be uploaded to images folder of MyBB files server.