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Multiquotes - styling by CSS - Drae - 2013-06-08

I was given the link to the multiquote CSS thread a while back, and I'm trying to use it for a skin.

When viewing the multiquote using FIrefox's Firebug, it looks to be grabbing the style from the javascript file - where do I find where it grabs that javascript file in the templates for the skin so I can swap them over (I only want it to affect the one skin, so I don't want to overwrite the default file itself)?

Also, I noticed it had a class id of "multiquote_link_318", though it wasn't possible to edit it by using that.

I know it has something to do with this particular bit of javascript in the multiquote's template too:

$('multiquote_link_318').style.display = '';
// --> 

And was also wondering if it is possible to style it on that?

RE: Multiquotes - styling by CSS - Leefish - 2013-06-08

Make a copy of the default js file - change the multiquote bits, then change the link to threads.js in showthread php in your TEMPLATE. Best to put the new js in the themes folder.

RE: Multiquotes - styling by CSS - Ferron - 2013-06-08

Normally what I do is just leave the image in the HTML and hide it with CSS. Works like a charm.

RE: Multiquotes - styling by CSS - Leefish - 2013-06-08

Yea, but then it is not pure css as in no images Big Grin