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Broken Theme - cyimking - 2013-06-12


I am having a major theme problem. I decided that i was going to change the background of the .thead but once i change the background the theme went bad quick.

Here is the issue:
1) It's still displaying the cache. I changed the background image / color of the .thead, .breadcrumb, and .tfooter (our whatever the name is). However, the background images for the thead and .breadcrumb ARE NOT SHOWING UP.

1.1) For thead; the css is a color > url image > repeat x. BUT the only thing that is showing up is the color. SO i deleted the color to see what happens. What happens? The color still shows up. There shouldnt be no color showing up if the url image isnt working.

Here is what i did:

1) Delete the cache from my browsers. Didn't work
2) Rechecking all the global.css for errors. No errors found
3) Test the css on localhost and it works fine.

RE: Broken Theme - .m. - 2013-06-12

have you (hard) refreshed your browser (F5 / CTRL+F5 / Shift+F5) and forum url please

RE: Broken Theme - cyimking - 2013-06-12



The breadcrumb background should have an image, the thead should have an gradient image rather then displaying the blue, and the tfooter shouldn't be gradient (light blue to green).

RE: Broken Theme - .m. - 2013-06-12

^ all those changes appear to be applied.

RE: Broken Theme - cyimking - 2013-06-12

So it do not look like this:

[Image: capturekzh.png]

RE: Broken Theme - .m. - 2013-06-12

^ No, it is not like above image.

RE: Broken Theme - cyimking - 2013-06-12

So how can i view the other image? I cleared the cache for my browsers and it showing up like this on my phone as well.

RE: Broken Theme - .m. - 2013-06-12

if you are using cloudflare services then you should have cloudflare manager plugin and use development mode for changes
in code / css. and save the global.css once again to check if it refreshes. (this is how I am seeing it on firefox)