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Templates explaning - Mihai101 - 2013-06-12


Could someone please explain to me what these templates reprezent? I don't understand what's their purpose since I don't know exactly on what kind of pages they're displayed.

In Forum Bit Templates:

RE: Templates explaning - .m. - 2013-06-12


RE: Templates explaning - Mihai101 - 2013-06-12

Thank you.

I've allready checked the docs, but it only describes the template groups, not the actual templates.

RE: Templates explaning - .m. - 2013-06-12

hmm., strange. I am unable to trace their exact functionality! (still trying) {Edit: see this}

RE: Templates explaning - Destroy666 - 2013-06-12

They have no functionality at all I think, emptied them all few weeks ago on test forum and couldn't see any issues.