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Achievements in postbit - robertson123 - 2013-06-12

Hello i am just wondering is there a way to edit a template and witch template to put achievements in.You see i have installed Achivements (2.4) plugin and it works great.Only one slight problem i have i have to tell my members to go to their user cp and they will see the trophy has been given to them in their profile.But the problem i have i cant seem to edit a users cp and it wont show on postbit i mark the trophy by ticking this little box in my users cp to make it show.Is there a way around this problem because the acievement does show as i have tried this on myself to make sure it worked.I was able to go into my user cp and tick the box next to throphy and then it dispayed under my avatar

RE: Achievements in postbit - Geret - 2013-06-12

Try adding {$post['achievement']} in your post bit template after the last {$post['usertitle']} (or similar) line.

RE: Achievements in postbit - robertson123 - 2013-06-12

Thanks but it didnt work i might try another plugin

RE: Achievements in postbit - cakissimo - 2014-07-11

Same problem here but i find the way with:


RE: Achievements in postbit - Kowak - 2014-07-11

Wait, did you see if the plugin is updated? I also had some problems with this few time ago.

RE: Achievements in postbit - cakissimo - 2014-07-11

Sorry ,i have just try it today and i remove it really the plugin what i'm looking for, latest version is 2.5 i think.