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Search Terms Stats - meethere - 2013-06-13

How to know what people are searching on the forum?

I want to know search term statistics.

please help, cant find any


RE: Search Terms Stats - Conor C. - 2013-06-13


This plugin existed for MyBB 1.4.x and may still work for MyBB 1.6.x.
It may not however.

It does require you be a paid subscriber to MyBBCentral but it's worth it as you are supporting a MyBB plugin developer for his hard efforts developing all the plugins he offers there.

As for editing the plugin. This can be achieved by editing the ../inc/plugin.php file of the download and changing the version line from 14 to 16 Smile

Upload, activate and see if it works.


RE: Search Terms Stats - meethere - 2013-06-14

Thanks for the reply.
Can you tell me what mysql entry can show the stats? I would see it manually then until the plugin develops for newer version and with features.

Surprised, Why not included in default stats?

RE: Search Terms Stats - Conor C. - 2013-06-14

I'm not sure why it isn't included by default. Probably just because we don't think enough people would use it for it to be included by default.

As for the query. One does not exist as they are not currently logged. That's why you'd need the plugin Smile

I would doubt Jesse Labrocca (the plugin developer) has plans to upgrade the plugin to work with MyBb 1.6... but as I said, the majority of plugins can be made compatible with MyBB 1.6 by simply editing the file to change the version number Smile