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No activation sent - GamerEdie - 2013-06-17

Hi all. I know this isn't a new question, but I've not seen anywhere that has given me an answer.

I just uploaded my website and mybb forums to my hosting service after working on them on MAMP. They look great but I'm not able to get my test registrations have activation emails sent.

I ran the .php test that's in the help logs and I am able to get an email sent no problem, so it's not my web host.

Settings are set to email activation and PHP.

Now, I did have this hosted locally on MAMP and then uploaded it onto my live server. Is there something in the database I need to tweak?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

RE: No activation sent - ksr - 2013-06-17

MyBB will have enabled PHP mail By default. So try check with SMTP mail by changing the settings in ACP as follows:

Goto ACP => Settings => Mail Settings=> <Fill the values>
Select mail as : SMTP and give the following values if you want to test with your Gmail account:
SMTP hostname: tls://
SMTP port: 465
SMTP Encryption Mode: No encryption
Mail Logging: Log Everything
Add message ID in mail headers: No