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Security FAQ/Doc/Tutorial - Vidiot_X - 2013-07-27


I am looking for information on better securing my site. I have already taken steps to enhance security like denying access to the include directories. Is there a good tutorial out there on the basic steps and approaches to better securing my MyBB site?

Why not share a link. Wink

- Rich -

RE: Security FAQ/Doc/Tutorial - faviouz - 2013-07-27

Look at the stickies in this forum.

RE: Security FAQ/Doc/Tutorial - Vidiot_X - 2013-07-27

Hi Fábio Maia,

Thanks looking through them now.

- Rich -


Aside from one or two things it looks like I am pretty well setup according to those doc's. Smile Good read BTW and I might try out the 'Admin CP Honeypot' plugin.

I am open to anymore tips.

- Rich -

RE: Security FAQ/Doc/Tutorial - Arbaz - 2013-07-27

I believe everything has been covered in what Fabia has linked you to.

RE: Security FAQ/Doc/Tutorial - Vidiot_X - 2013-07-31

^K, Thanks 8)