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Private HYIPs - GFN - 2006-12-07

We have just launched a new forum called Private HYIPs

We went with the Belloman theme but did a custom header and a few other things. We still have around 2,000 members to add manually to the data base but in the meantime have done a soft launch

The forum is private, so you will need to register or use the MyBB login that I set up

User Name: MyBB_FAN

Password: mybb123

Please let us know how we can make it better Cool

RE: Private HYIPs - labrocca - 2006-12-07

Congrats on the new header. It looks solid. Please let me know if you want me to try and make you new on_off images to match that header.

RE: Private HYIPs - Digi - 2006-12-07

looks cool matey,well done Cool

RE: Private HYIPs - Coder - 2006-12-08

the header looks very professional