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RE: Sublime Mybb Template Editor - bekircem - 2015-02-18

Good idea! I was looking for something like this.

RE: Sublime Mybb Template Editor - ThemeFreaknet - 2015-11-29

Anyone have this working with 1.8.6 using windows and xampp ?

* edit *

This still works with xampp, 1.8.6, and sublime 3

RE: Sublime Mybb Template Editor - mikechristopher - 2016-08-05

Can anyone help me please -

I have installed into sublime the plugin and copied across the updatecss.php and have created the mybbTemp folder in my documents. Whenever I click on the Mybb Tpl: Load templates it brings up the list of templates then when I click on that I believe I am waiting on the box on where to save it at the bottom however that doesnt come up. All it seems to do is reload the blank page it is on and do nothing? Looking in the console there is nothing coming up at all. It looks as though the mysql exe flashes up for a second but disappears.

I have the right connection details in the sublime settings as can log into mysql via cmd line using same details.

Am using Windows 10, Ampps, Sublime Text 3 (Build 3114), MyBB 1.8.7

contents of sublime settings:

"css_set": "4",
"css_update_url": "http://localhost/mybb/updatecss.php",
"dbname": "mybb",
"dbport": 3306,
"default_path": "/mybbTemp",
"encoding": "utf8",
"host": "localhost",
"mybb_version": "1860",
"mysql_executable": "C:/Program Files (x86)/Ampps/mysql/bin/mysql.exe",
"passwd": "admin1",
"table_prefix": "mybb_",
"tpl_set": "3",
"user": "admin"

RE: Sublime Mybb Template Editor - Gokss - 2017-06-12

Great work man Smile

RE: Sublime Mybb Template Editor - joney - 2021-11-07

any document instruction´╝či can't watch youtube here