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RE: BP forum - labrocca - 2006-12-11

Typically the sites shown here are completed or at least close to completion. It's a showcase and what other purpose is there to showcase it than to get some criticism. You don't seem to mind those the comments about your skin from people that like it? You don't have to care about my opinion either. I often get negative criticism on my themes for some elements but often dismiss them because I am comfortable with what I did. You can easily dismiss my comments and do what you want...I have no power to force any changes...I was just stating my opinion...take it or leave it as they say.

RE: BP forum - AVC - 2006-12-12

I agree with Labrocca, you need to do something with the colors, even with the layouts within the forum index, they are hard to read, the stock MyBB skin is better!

RE: BP forum - B-P - 2006-12-12

I'm not changing the skin anymore,when I make a new skin it will have color to it.This is just going to be bright color

RE: BP forum - Dennis Tsang - 2006-12-14

I think it's a nice skin for those who like to keep it light colored. The MyBB logo should be changed to your site's logo though...

RE: BP forum - mybb themes - B-P - 2006-12-17

I made a new skin,i'll take feedback on the skin this time