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SMF 2 to MyBB Conversion Errors - Pilot - 2013-09-11


First time here, but I hope to be here for a long time! But to do that I need to get over these initial errors. First off:

Forum Permissions does not work, it just gets stuck on that loading screen, but that's okay because I don't really 'need it'. I could always redo it.

Second and probably easier to figure out:

I'm trying to convert all the threads, but I get this annoying error

SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'id_msg' in 'where clause'
SELECT COUNT(*) as numattachments FROM smf_myforumattachments WHERE id_msg IN(2)

The main problem is getting the threads to work so I get get the rest of my forum converted, any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

RE: SMF 2 to MyBB Conversion Errors - Jovan J. - 2013-09-13

One thread is enough.