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Question about something. - Diablosblizz - 2006-12-13

Hi, im extreamly new to mybb and if you look on my site you will see something missing.

Sorry, but this may be confuzzing, because I don't know exactly what this is. But heres an example:

Click here

If you click above, then you'll see that an image is missing, and I don't know where to get it. So my question is how do I remove that part?

If you still need help then heres the alt of the image:

Quote:Quote this post on a new reply page


Username: test
password: testtest


Thanks for your help!

RE: Question about something. - Chris Boulton - 2006-12-13

Hi, the image in question is the button for the "multi-quote" functionality which allows users to quote multiple posts at a time from different threads or using the quick reply system.

I'd recommend you create an image for it instead of removing the image altogether as it can be a rather useful feature. (The default images for it are: [Image: postbit_multiquote.gif] and [Image: postbit_multiquote_on.gif])

However to remove it open up the "postbit" template in the template manager and remove {$post['button_multiquote']} from the template.

RE: Question about something. - Diablosblizz - 2006-12-13

Where is Postbit?

RE: Question about something. - Chris Boulton - 2006-12-13

For information on managing templates in the Admin CP please see the MyBB wiki: [Wiki: Admin_CP_Templates] (Broken link, head over to instead).

Basically you need to log in to the Admin CP, scroll down to Templates on the left and click "Modify", expand your template set and then click "Post Bit Templates" to reveal the list of templates. Then you want to click on "postbit" to edit it.