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Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - Alex Smith - 2013-09-27

As we are starting to feel the age of the original thread I felt it was time to clean it up. To prevent this issue from happening again though it will be handled in a different format.

For rules and the review format scroll past the review listing but please keep discussion to hosts talked about in this thread already(if there isn't a review about them we probably don't know much about them).


Not So Recommended Hosts

* = Has both positive and negative reviews

Review Format
Plan: The plan you have (eg. $5 shared or 512mb vps)
Types of hosting offered: Shared only or Shared, VPS, Dedicated
Sites Hosted: (list sites you have hosted with them that you're willing to share)
Review: Your thoughts of said host.

Once a staff member sees the new review they will then add a link to your post in this post. This allows for multiple reviews of said host and will give people a time table of the review (as hosts do get bought and sold and thus their quality can fluctuate).

  1. Don't ask about a host not reviewed.
  2. If you have a different opinion of a host write a review of your own don't argue about someone else's.
  3. No referral links or paid reviews.
  4. Do not use this thread as a method to blatantly advertise your own web hosting services.

If you would like deeper hosting discussion Web Hosting Talk would be the place to go.

MyBB Group in no way endorses these hosts or implies that they are MyBB compatible. This is simply a list of hosts suggested, and used by, our members.

RE: Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - Euan T - 2013-09-27

Plan: 256mb plan
Types of hosting offered: Shared, Dedicated
Sites Hosted:
Review: Brilliant service. Uptime is good, customer care is good, features are amazing. Price is very competitive. Can't go wrong.

Plan: 512mb VPS
Types of hosting offered: VPS
Sites Hosted: N/A
Review: Great prices, good uptime, excellent developer API, super fast spin up times. My first port of call for a server if I need to hit the ground running quick.

RE: Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - Arbaz - 2013-09-27

Plan: 256mb VPS
Types of hosting offered: VPS
Sites Hosted: N/a
Review: Frantech provides really cheap unmanaged virtual private servers. They don't provide support however you can always find support by their admins for free in their chatroom. The uptime is great and the best thing is that they don't ever oversell. The worst part is that they are mostly sold out, they add new stock once a week.

Plan: Standard
Types of hosting offered: Shared
Sites Hosted: N/a
Review: Amazing support. Fast replies and always helpful plus polite. I use to host a website with them few months ago and hosted my site for around 5 months and not once I remember going down (Excluding server maintenance). Best thing is that Hawkhost allows monthly subscriptions unlike some hosts where the minimum subscription is 3 months.

RE: Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - Bala - 2013-09-27

Host: Godaddy
Plan: Economy
Types of hosting offered: Shared/VPS/Dedicated Server
Site hosted:[VPS],[VPS]
Excellent customer support. No live chat but email response time is maximum 1 hour. Toll-free no. available for India with an average wait time of 5 minutes. I have had just had one down time due to my request to move to another server for about an hour. MyBB works fast and zippy. I know many Godaddy haters here but personally they have been great.

RE: Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - Alex Smith - 2013-09-27

Added them all. And just for reference I'm putting the hosts review based on the plan you have with them. So for example if someone has a shared GoDaddy review theirs would be put under Shared with GoDaddy in the list with a separate review. If your review covers multiple types of hosting it will be listed under them all.

In short the review is listed based on what you have not what they offer Wink.

Edit: Also feel free to pm me about a better listing format. I thought about using the date instead of user names but well date formats change based on where you are.

RE: Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - Darth Apple - 2013-09-28

Plan: The plan you have (OpenVZ vps)
Types of hosting offered: VPS
Sites Hosted: and some other small projects
Review: If you're looking for an inexpensive, unmanaged VPS host with high standards of quality and uptime, ramnode is for you. I have been with them for several months now, and am without complaints. Their pricing plans are affordable, and they have surprisingly good support for an unmanaged hosting provider as well. Their uptime, performance, and reliability is also great. I have had almost no downtime whatsoever, and the performance is impressive (thanks to the top-notch hardware used in their nodes). I have never had any need to use any other VPS provider, and plan on sticking with Ramnode for a while.

Plan: Free Toungue
Types of hosting offered: Free MyBB forum hosting
Review: I recently moved another forum that I run with two other colleagues to icyboards, and I can say that I have been quite impressed. I'm not normally the kind of guy to prefer free hosting, but I will say that icyboards isn't your typical free forum host. They have great reliability, performance, and uptime, and automatically protect your forum from DDoS, perform security updates, etc... They also offer database exports for a small fee (a HUGE plus for any forum host) and have great support. If you are looking for a good, free forum host, icyboards is definitely worth considering, and is without doubt the best forum host I have ever used.

RE: Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - Harry K. - 2013-09-28

Plan: Shared Gold
Types of hosting offered: Shared, VPS, Dedicated
Sites Hosted: ...
Review: Amazing quality service! Run by the same company as IcyBoards and the hosting is unbeatable. Not once have I had downtime and I have never been dissatisfied with the service. Smile

RE: Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - s3_gunzel - 2013-10-15

Host: AsciiDiGigal -
Plan: Had a dedicated Server
Types of hosting offered: Shared, VPS, Dedicated
Sites Hosted: None; anymore. This is for the "Not-So-Reccomended"
Review: To be honest, I have never had to chargeback a host, ever, before in my life. I called the bank on Monday to chargeback this host, as the owner has no respect for his clients. I ordered a dedicated server with Windows, I got a Linux box with X Server and Wine. When confronted about the server, he was defensive, regardless of what I ordered, and paid a premium for. It was 3 weeks before I was able to contact him, after that (as he kept closing my tickets, it's a one-man show) and I had to swear at him to get him to cancel the service. Of course, he made excuses, and I ended up cancelling with no service.

Not recommended at all.

RE: Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - Euan T - 2013-10-15

Host: Nimbus Hosting
Plan: Whirlwind VPS
Types of hosting offered: VPS, Dedicated
Sites Hosted: /
Review: Crazy good customer service and support. Fast UK based servers. I contacted them at 5:30PM on a Friday and had a response from Tim by 5:45PM. We continued to chat via email over the weekend about what they offer and I signed up on the Monday. Haven't had any problems since.

The only minor downside is the lack of OS choice - it's CentOS or CentOS. By default, they use 5.x with Parallels Plesk, but Tim switched me over to CentOS 6 with no control panel within 10 minutes of my enquiring.

RE: Web Hosting Discussion 2.0 - Alex Smith - 2013-10-15

Updated and sadly our first bad host.