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Football 4 Life Forum - Tyndie - 2006-12-18

Site Name: Football 4 Life

Football 4 Life is a website for european(mainly english) football fans to chat about football and other life related issues.

RE: Football 4 Life Forum - Techmonkey - 2006-12-20

actually looks quite nice. Not sure about the green on the table headers though, doesnt seem to quite fit in with the rest of the site.

Also one thing I dont like about the portal on MyBB is that there is no obvious link to the forum front page. I know the "Footbal4life" bit is clickable and takes the user to the forum, but this is not always obvious to the new user.

RE: Football 4 Life Forum - Tyndie - 2006-12-20

thanks, i was thinking today of writing a code modification to the portal.php file to show a side menu with the forums available to the user, not sure if its been done already.