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General Chat Forum - Bodo - 2006-12-21

Although site temporarily under construction, Forum is already functioning...

In need for users... Suggestions will strongly be appreciated ! Wink


RE: General Chat Forum - tristan/SMM - 2006-12-24

Too many general discussion forums are already out there, try picking a general theme to revolve around.

RE: General Chat Forum - Christian - 2006-12-24

I have to agree with Tristan. You also should consider getting a skin, the default one doesn't look to professional imho.

RE: General Chat Forum - Dennis Tsang - 2006-12-24

Agreed with Tristan. Try to edit your theme a little more Wink

RE: General Chat Forum - Coder - 2006-12-24

agreed with tristan, christian and dennistt
if you want your forum to be successful you have to specify your forum topics