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Change User CP options for all users - sur6e - 2013-11-18

I merged phpBB3 to MyBB and all the users have a number of options I would like to change. And I want them to be defaults for new users too. If they are on the registration screen then they need to be set the same as well.

Hide me from the Who's Online list. UNCHECK
Receive emails from the Administrators. CHECK
Hide your email from other members. CHECK
Receive private messages from other users. CHECK
Only receive private messages from users on my Buddy List. UNCHECK
Alert me with a notice when I receive a Private Message. CHECK
Notify me by email when I receive a new Private Message. CHECK
Daylight Saving Time correction: Automatically Detect DST Settings

All the merged users have their timezone set to (GMT -12:00) Eniwetok, Kwajelein. I guess that didn't merge correctly, so if I can set it to US east coast time zone that would at least be better for most of them.

I'm guessing there are some MySQL queries I can run to solve this, but I don't know what they would be. Your help is appreciated.

RE: Change User CP options for all users - sur6e - 2013-11-22

I got most of this taken care of by looking through the mybb_users table and finding the rows that correspond with the settings I wanted and running a similar query to the one in the common queries thread.

UPDATE 'mybb_users' SET 'allownotices' = '1';

I just replaced allownotices with what I wanted to update and had to play around with the settings to see what the value needed to be.

I'm going to leave the timezone alone because it's a little more screwy than I care to fix. I don't think all of them are wrong, but it's something the users can fix.

Now my only question is how to do this for the Registration screen? What table is it pulling those settings from when you load the Registration page?? Anyone know that? I could probably help myself the rest of the way then. Thanks..

RE: Change User CP options for all users - .m. - 2013-11-23

you can try using registration checkbox configuration plugin
or modify member_register template by following suggestions like this

RE: Change User CP options for all users - sur6e - 2013-11-23

Oh of course, it's a form thing, not in a db table... makes sense, thanks.