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How to stop spam/bots - jovica888 - 2013-11-25

OK. ATM I have this addons on my forum

[Image: r9wUv13.png]

and those bots are still able to register on my forum

[Image: uEQtlZ2.png]

What else should I do? Those are my sequrity questions

Can anyone help?

RE: How to stop spam/bots - Meadp - 2013-11-25

Change the default question of the plugin Security Question, and install Checkbox Validation.

RE: How to stop spam/bots - marcus123 - 2013-11-25

In General Configuration>>CAPTCHA Images for Registration & Posting change to reCAPTCHA

RE: How to stop spam/bots - jovica888 - 2013-11-25

Can you tell me is this OK now?

[Image: Z7X244k.png]

I Installed Checkbox Validation but I did not had problem with that bots posting something on my forum... They just register and don't write anything so I think the main problem is with registration Smile

RE: How to stop spam/bots - CloudyBright - 2013-11-25

Do you have a Category or Forum topic titled: General Discussion ?
All the spam posts have posted in a category forum titled "General Discussions" on my board and nowhere else.

RE: How to stop spam/bots - Meadp - 2013-11-25

I use Checkbox Validation to my website, and when I use it, I don't see any bots. The plugin act also on the registration page.

For the questions, yes, better

RE: How to stop spam/bots - MuslimBB - 2013-11-26

I made a thread about it too, it seems there is some kind of exploit or bypass that these guys are exploiting that is letting them through.

I am not the only one.

The only plugin that has reduced registrations is FASSIM stop spam, I got the api key and so far down to 1 to 2 registrations.

The stop forum spam plugin doesnt work... the custom security question plugin doesnt work (shows like no attempts even new questions i recently made they are being bypassed somehow).

So yeah.. there's something going on.. and i hope mybb and the plugin developers find out soon cause this SUCKS

RE: How to stop spam/bots - CloudyBright - 2013-11-26

No spam so far.
At first I made all the questions gibberish and the answers gibberish.
That stopped it completely.

I changed a couple of the security questions to make sense - like what letter comes after M and before O ?
Also, I activated the built-in Askmet plugin.

Still no spam.

I will gradually add security questions to see what works.

RE: How to stop spam/bots - laie_techie - 2013-11-26

The Checkbox Validation doesn't seem like it would help much. There are only 10 possible answers, so randomly choosing one would let 10% of attempts through.

RE: How to stop spam/bots - jovica888 - 2013-11-27

I did not had problem with bot-posting. I had problem with bot-registering Wink