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Hacked - boo - 2013-12-04

So my forum got hacked by a grape. We cant currently Login to anything. When i login to ACP It just refreshes. I Dont get an error or anything.

Any ideas?

RE: Hacked - Tankey - 2013-12-05

That depends on what he hacked. Your ACP or FTP?
If he hacked your ftp you'd better backup all stuff and reinstall your domain with a fresh mybb copy since he could have hidden some malicious code somewhere.

What version of mybb are you using?
I have honestly no idea what could cause your acp to refresh if he hacked your acp only.

RE: Hacked - s3_gunzel - 2013-12-06

settings.php borked...

RE: Hacked - tserfer - 2013-12-06

If they hack your ACP only then they used this exploit

They got access to your server