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"Standard Theme" setting - Wind Dancer - 2006-12-26

Dear all,

I created a new theme for my board (which is btw. running with the German language package). However, it seems that even though I set the new theme to "standard" that this setting is not applied to all users. Consequently, registered members see the standard-blue theme, not the new colour settings... but: guests can see the new settings...

Maybe someone here has an idea??

PS: sorry for any typos - I´m no native speaker...

RE: "Standard Theme" setting - judel - 2006-12-26

Two things come to mind. First, are you sure you set the new theme as default and secondly, make sure your new theme is set for all user groups.

RE: "Standard Theme" setting - Wind Dancer - 2006-12-26

Hmmm... I thought about a screenshot - but I don´t think that German would help...

So: Yes - the new theme is "standard"; also marked as such in the themes overview... however - the "old one" which is the MyBB standard, has the comment "(184 Users)" next to it. Therefore I speculated that there´s a problem in the switch that sets the new theme as standard for all users...

Oh - and: yes, the ticbox "set for all users" is checked...


RE: "Standard Theme" setting - judel - 2006-12-26

Well, if your new theme is set to default, any new members won't be listed as having that. Don't know why...just the way the programmers did it! If you add up all the numbers listed, it should be less than the total amount of your members. There is a query around here somewhere that you can run in phpmyadmin that will change everyone's default to your new one. I found the following query in phpmyadmin:

UPDATE mybb_users style=0 WHERE style=2

Have you tested this for yourself by creating a registered user to verify that you get the mybb standard theme?

RE: "Standard Theme" setting - Wind Dancer - 2006-12-27

Hey judel,

thanks so far for your help.... I created a new user and it seems like the new theme is used... I tried your query and the following error was reported:

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '=0 WHERE style=2' at line 1

Any idea? Sorry if this sounds naive... I´m no pro... Sad

RE: "Standard Theme" setting - judel - 2006-12-27

Crakter created that query! If he reads this, maybe he has an idea why WD got that error?? (I also get the same error, Crakter, even putting the 0 & 2 in quotes)

By the way, Wind Dancer, did you change your prefix or did you leave it as mybb? If you changed it, you need to replace that in the query!

edit: I just did a few more searches. You can also try Dennis' query:

UPDATE mybb_users SET style='0'

I tested this one and know it works. It will set all your members to your new default.