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Rockstar Boards - Max Payne - 12-29-2013

[Image: ZQuKVSo.png]

We are a community which enjoys chillin' out and posting, we discuss many different topics and we're a General & Gaming community. A majority of the registered users are friendly and willing to assist you out with mostly anything. For a limited time, anyone who registers will be given Prestige Membership free of charge! Just make sure you private message me your username ,after getting 10 posts, either on here or on Rockstar Boards, you'll be upgraded, along with receiving the Prestige Member award.

Many achievable awards
Many joinable groups!
Tabs for different sections.
Friendly community.
Staff who are always willing to assist you.
Active community.
Custom theme.
Creditable Website pages.


We try to focus around making the forums General & Gaming related considering that's what we were aiming for whenever we made the website but now it's based around near enough more.

Our members have made a total of 119,223 posts in 15,136 threads.
We currently have 1354 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, Orange
The most users online at one time was 62 on 10-15-2012 at 06:10 AM


How to acquire Infamous

1. Signup with your desired username.
2. Visit the Initiations & Farewells forum.
3. Create a new introduction thread & make a total of 10 posts.
4. Post back on this thread with your username.
5. You'll receive lifetime Infamous Membership along with the benefits!

You can join by clicking here:

RE: Infamous Gamers: Gaming Fans Unite - Max Payne - 01-02-2014

Our Posting Contest:

RE: Infamous Gamers: Gaming Fans Unite - Zash - 01-02-2014

Is your site down? I can't see it.

RE: Infamous Gamers: Gaming Fans Unite - Wazzyl - 01-05-2014

i think its spam otherwise the website owner fixed it already.

RE: Rockstar Boards - Max Payne - 01-09-2014

We had a domain change.

RE: Rockstar Boards - AustinClarke - 01-23-2014

Thanks for given information about domain change.

RE: Rockstar Boards - maniacmusic - 01-26-2014

I like the name.
The forumbit tables are a bit off.

RE: Rockstar Boards - KunTest - 01-26-2014

You forum name is really good. You site can develop more if you try your best.
Best of luck with your forums.

RE: Rockstar Boards - Kaeden - 03-26-2014

Closed by request.