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Need a Theme - Liski - 2006-12-29

Does anyone know a good theme that will match and (soon to be I need it mostly black and yellow??

RE: Need a Theme - Coder - 2006-12-29
[Image: attachment.php?aid=5035]

RE: Need a Theme - Liski - 2006-12-29

Hoping for some more black and yellow Sad

RE: Need a Theme - Zalaki - 2006-12-29

You can change it to Yellow doing ONE image Change and CSS

RE: Need a Theme - Techmonkey - 2006-12-29

As Zalaki says it would be very easy to make that yellow and black instead of white.

You can edit the Theme within the admin panel and change the white to yellow in a matter of seconds, then create yellow images instead of white ones.