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[SEO] Canonical tags - eosdttve - 2014-03-03

I've installed Google SEO plugin and I've enabled Canonical Page function to "Avoid Duplicate Content" but I was checking my Google webmaster account and I see a few things that worries me and I just can't understand how to fix them.

It shows that I have:

Duplicate meta descriptions: 136

Duplicate title tags: 2,507

In the Duplicate title tags section, clicking on titles gives me things like:



I just don't understand how they are created and counted as duplicate titles.

Should I be concerned and if so, how do I fix the problem?

Many thanks in advance!

RE: [SEO] Canonical tags - laie_techie - 2014-03-05

There is a plugin on MyBB Central which adds canonical tags to the show forum and show thread pages.

RE: [SEO] Canonical tags - eosdttve - 2014-03-06

Hii laie_techie,
This Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.4x
I'm using MyBB 1.6.12

RE: [SEO] Canonical tags - laie_techie - 2014-03-06

You just need to change the compatibility entry.