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not displaying correct on server - davey6 - 2014-03-11

first off please forgive me if this has been answered before.

i am trying to move my website off my host and on to my home pc.

everything was going well till i installed a clean copy of mybb to check server speeds.
the problem i am facing is mybb is not showing as it should from the net.
if i am logged in to the server and look at it on the local system its fine i can login and register and do as i please but when i am try it by its web address it shows a a lite version with no access what so ever.
can someone please poke me in the direction to correct this.
in case you want to see what i mean please look at

server software is uniserver but i have also tryed wamp and it done the same thing.

RE: not displaying correct on server - Destroy666 - 2014-03-11

First change cookies according to this: Then also Board URL setting - $settings['bburl'].

RE: not displaying correct on server - davey6 - 2014-03-12

thank you for your reply but this did not slove my problem, however i am just going to go ahead and load a full backup of my website on to my own server and then change the DNS record to point at my own pc and not my host.
no harm in trying in what i need to do.
i will post back once the DNS servers have kicked in and i have time to test my main forum.
thanks for your reply