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Forums not loading - MJay1989 - 2014-03-13

When I click to enter a forum from my index, the forum does not load. It just loads a completely blank screen, in fact nothing 'loads' it just instantly shows a blank screen. To test go to and try to access any of the forums.

New installation or upgrade (from which version of MyBB)? - I am using the latest version of mybb.

Test user account (if it requires additional permissions) - testacc / test1234 (although you shouldn't need an account to view the problem.)

Screenshot or error text, verbatim - No need, you'll soon see my problem with a few clicks.

Thank you in advance to anybody that can help.

RE: Forums not loading - Xen0n - 2014-03-13

Have you tried replacing the file forumdisplay.php with the one from this ZIP?

RE: Forums not loading - MJay1989 - 2014-03-13

Thank you very much, this is all I needed. I am not sure what went wrong since It was working fine one second and then broken the next. Again, thank you.

RE: Forums not loading - Xen0n - 2014-03-13

No problem. Smile