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[PLUGIN] MyAwards v2.3 help? - Word - 2014-03-22

Hello, I have installed the files of the MyAwards v2.3 plugin in the correct places, but when I go to upload an image to add an award I get this:

[Image: c313f460874ab436e5cb35502ac00eb2.png]

RE: [PLUGIN] MyAwards v2.3 help? - Nasyr - 2014-03-22

MyAwards is a plugin from MyBBCentral you must get support from there not here.

Kind Regards,

RE: [PLUGIN] MyAwards v2.3 help? - Word - 2014-03-22

I fixed it nevermind, didn't set the CHMod of /uploads/awards folder to 777_ (incase anyone views this thread and has same issue that's what you have to do)