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Discussion Hub - Sawedoff - 03-29-2014

Discussion Hub is a general discussion forum that has a small core of loyal members. With over 17K posts in 1800+ threads to discuss all ranges of topics. We have a section for everyone and their interests. Why not come over and join us to have a good time?

- Groups have just started up and are looking for some more members to take a role in them.
- The VIP forum allows NSFW content.
- For those that enjoy posting and making money, the forum currency can be used to 'purchase' paypal deposits in the Credit Shop.

Any and all feedback is welcome! Cool

RE: Discussion Hub - adi19 - 03-29-2014

I like you forum,but in the menu nav,reordering: first be portals, then home and other.

RE: Discussion Hub - Dilyar - 04-01-2014

I love love love what you did with your forum! May I ask what plugins you are using!?

like your post bid is fantastic

RE: Discussion Hub - LordOfSpoon - 04-03-2014

Nice forum just not a huge fan of the logo, but thats just me still looks good mate Smile

RE: Discussion Hub - PwnEm - 04-10-2014

Nice theme but I also am not fond of the logo.

To be honest, I think a solid color would work better, probably white.

RE: Discussion Hub - Sawedoff - 04-24-2014

Thanks for the feedback guys! I appreciate it. Cool

For those that didn't like the logo, you should be happy we now have a new one. We also passed 20,000 posts this past weekend and are charging ahead. We've had a lot of changes, and a lot still coming, so stay tuned.

Anymore feedback is always appreciated. Wink

RE: Discussion Hub - Sawedoff - 05-15-2014

We released a light version of our theme a while back if anyone wants to take a look and share their thoughts.

Thanks guys.

RE: Discussion Hub - nicholasverge - 10-28-2014

nice theme used in forum. i enjoyed it.

RE: Discussion Hub - spork985 - 10-28-2014

(10-28-2014, 09:21 AM)nicholasverge Wrote: nice theme used in forum. i enjoyed it.

Did you even visit the site dude? It's closed and the domain redirects to