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Post Datahander Hooks - spork985 - 2014-04-01

$plugins->run_hooks("datahandler_post_insert_thread_post", $this);

$this->pid = $db->insert_query("posts", $this->post_insert_data);

It would be nice to have an additional hook added after the post is inserted so we can easily obtain the new post's pid.

RE: Post Datahander Hooks - Wildcard - 2014-04-01

1.6 is feature locked. There will be no new hooks added.

RE: Post Datahander Hooks - spork985 - 2014-04-01

Quote:Got a feature you would love to see added to MyBB? Got some feedback on MyBB? Let us know here, we will try to implement them.

Perhaps the comments/feedback will be taken as they develop future versions. I wasn't necessarily saying it HAD to be 1.6.

RE: Post Datahander Hooks - Euan T - 2014-04-01

I've suggested this for 1.8 in the past whilst part of the time and IIRC I was shot down. I can't remember the exact reasoning, but I definitely seem to remember it being rejected.

I agree though, post insert hooks would be extremely useful in lots of applications.