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FluxBB to MyBB?? - alex809 - 2014-04-03

Does the merge system support FluxBB v1.5.6 to MyBB?

My webdesign development forum is running FluxBB v1.5.6 and i would like to convert it to MyBB cause i have been working on my MyBB custom design for a little while. I have to do a few changes to my design before i can use it on MyBB as it is but I would like to know if the conversion is possible or if i have to start from scratch.

Thanks guys.

RE: FluxBB to MyBB?? - Jovan J. - 2014-04-03

Currently there is no Merge module for FluxBB. But you can convert firstly to SMF then to MyBB, as people usually do.

RE: FluxBB to MyBB?? - alex809 - 2014-04-04

Ah ok, Thanks for the reply Smile

I just did it the simpler way, There wasn't many posts anyways so i just installed MyBB into a new directory and coped everything over manually. Smile