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Plugin .zip won't un-zip - Dansmark - 2014-04-06

I downloaded te spell check plugin (.zip), but it won't un-zip in Windows XP using the "Extract Zip Function.

Is there another version thats XP friendly?


RE: Plugin .zip won't un-zip - VIP3R69 - 2014-04-18

Download WinRAR

RE: Plugin .zip won't un-zip - LordOfSpoon - 2014-04-21

^ What he suggested. WinRAR is better in my option. Also I would highly recommend you upgrade to a newer version of windows man lol

RE: Plugin .zip won't un-zip - Paul H. - 2014-04-21

I would highly suggest upgrading your operating system, either to Windows 7 or Ubuntu/another Linux variant. Windows XP is no longer a secure, supported system.

I use PeaZip when on Windows.