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RE: Google SEO HTTPS? - Alith - 2016-09-08

(2016-08-17, 09:13 PM)Camdennn Wrote:
(2014-09-01, 07:34 PM)p00lz Wrote: Sorry if this is gravedigging but i'm having the same problems as Senethic.

This in plugins
Board URL is set to '', but you currently seem to be on ''. A wrong Board URL setting may cause problems with Redirect.

And then when I try to load a forum section that should be
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

board url starts https
homepage url starts https
first rewrite rule for Google SEO was changed to https

Okay, my solution was pretty simple.

My hosting providers SSL port is not 443, so I edited line 45 of inc/plugins/google_seo/redirect.php

    if($_SERVER['HTTPS'] != "off" && ($_SERVER['HTTPS'] || $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] == 443))

and changed 443 to the port my host uses and it's fixed the issue, it follows the rewritten links and everything seems to be as before.

What port did you use? I added port 53 but that won't work.. ;(


RE: Google SEO HTTPS? - frostschutz - 2016-09-09

If the site is behind a https proxy (nginx, cloudflare et al), you can "SetEnv HTTPS 1" in your .htaccess.

RE: Google SEO HTTPS? - Eldenroot - 2016-12-06

I have same issue with same notification, how to solve this please?