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Moderator tool: change user's group - loveley - 2014-04-24


I administrate an online rpg forum, where one of workflows is:

1) user creates account and usergroup "Registered" is his primary usergroup.
2) user writes application for a game.
3) administrator approves application.
4) administrator goes to admin panel, searches for user, changes primary usergroup for this user to "Member".

As there are moderator tools for threads and posts, I was wondering, if there is something I could use to make user approval more easy (change usergroup without going to admin panel, directly from user profile or something), so my moderators could do this without me going to admin panel? Something similar to moderator thread tools? Any ideas if something for this exist?

RE: Moderator tool: change user's group - thehumangerm - 2015-05-20

Double yes. Not having this is a fatal flaw in mybb and prevents many communities from using this forum.

RE: Moderator tool: change user's group - groovybluedog - 2016-08-11

We absolutely need this and if I can't find a post there, I'll put this in the suggestions for 2.0!

Still need it for 1.8 though so I hope someone out there could work some magic!