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Sheri Moon Zombie forums - - 2007-01-16

Intro: Forum for discussing Sheri Moon Zombie and husband Rob Zombie and their films.
Forum Link:
Extra Comments: The banner isn't very good at the mo so I'm going to be updating it and the forum is very plain looking because there aren't many posts as it's a VERY new forum.

Feedback appreciated.

RE: Sheri Moon Zombie forums - - 2007-01-27

Sorry to double post but just wanted to say that I've updated the skin and added a new banner and my own buttons.
Also, if anyone owns a horror forum/site and would like to affiliate please let me know.

RE: Sheri Moon Zombie forums - Snake - 2007-01-27

Wow. I like that. You even changed the header icons! Great work.

RE: Sheri Moon Zombie forums - PwnEm - 2007-01-27

Nice theme! Looks good, and it goes well with the content of your forum.

RE: Sheri Moon Zombie forums - - 2007-01-28

Thanks guys! It took me ages to update that skin cos everything kept going wrong. Luckily it's all working now though.