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Captcha Not Working - zodearest223 - 2014-06-14

First off I'm sorry if this is not correct area to post this!

My forum for awhile has had registration disabled because the CAPTCHA has stopped working on the registration page. The field to enter the CAPTCHA is still there but the image that is supposed to be shown is not. I have tried disabling the CAPTCHA and changing it to e-mail validation required in hopes of weeding out the bots and spam in the meantime... but it's not working.

Here is an image to further explain what is happening:

What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks so much to anyone who offers assistance.

Bump, please this is important to get my forum back up and running. Thank you.

RE: Captcha Not Working - devs - 2014-06-18

Based on both your description and your screenshot there are few suggestions for you:

1. Switch to reCaptcha or sth similar, its quite easy to do and it should work out-of-the-box
2. Reinstall your script/captcha-related files

After one of this is done, please let us know how things are,

RE: Captcha Not Working - wmlord - 2014-06-23

Thanks @devs