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+---- Thread: theme (/thread-1564.html) theme - Poison - 2005-02-01

Hey check out my new theme over at my new domain/personal site: Smile tell me what you think about it.
click here! Wink

RE: theme - Darren - 2005-02-01

I like it, I'm not sure about the fon't used on the banner and footer though, maybe something cleaner looking?

RE: theme - Dale Hay - 2005-02-01

Reminds me of vB3.0 Smile

Nice... you might wanna sort out the color of the text in the portal content boxes titles... Big Grin

RE: theme - Poison - 2005-02-01

thanks for the comments Smile

RE: theme - Aaron - 2005-02-03

love it, you should release it for use...great job.

RE: theme - Poison - 2005-02-03

thanks Smile