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Welcome PM/Email v1.0 - MW2Monkey - 2014-08-23

hello all i made you guys a welcome PM/Email plugin!

When someone joins your forums if you have the plugin on there will get a PM or Email with a welcome message that you set!

RE: Welcome PM/Email v1.0 - Flavius Popa - 2014-08-23

This plugin belongs to -G33K- and version 1.1 can be found here: Welcome PM/Email.

RE: Welcome PM/Email v1.0 - Omar G. - 2014-08-23

    $info = array(
        "name"				=> "Welcome PM/Email",
        "description"		=> "Sends a PM/Email to new users welcoming them to the your forum.",
        "website"			=> "http://www.mw2monkey/tk/",
        "author"			=> "- G33K -",
        "authorsite"		=> "http://www.mw2monkey/tk/",
        "version"			=> "1.0",
		"guid" 				=> "561f493df040e8442417bb30653b9a2d",
		"compatibility" 	=> "14*,16*,"1.6.15*"

Pretty sure this will cause a parse warning.  And this plugin is already 1.6.15 compatible just with 16* added.

Anyways, please refer to How do I post my thread here? before releasing any plugin, even if those aren't of your authority.