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Forum Display icons - Typhome - 2014-08-26

What's problem? How get those icons back?

I've checked theme (css) styles and templates (also in general settings there icons about forum display is enabled).

I updated to latest version (github feature) from beta 3 then it happened.

RE: Forum Display icons - .m. - 2014-08-26

if it is custom theme, can you check it on the MyBB's default (stock) theme

RE: Forum Display icons - mmadhankumar - 2014-08-26

do you have the sprite image for the icons in the images folder....

[Image: forum_icon_sprite.png]

RE: Forum Display icons - Typhome - 2014-08-26

Yes, I have those icons in images folder (even footer legend icons is displayed).
It's default theme (black base colour).


Also subforum with subforums should be shown as one line not multiple lines.