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Display code between categories - Twisty - 2014-08-30

An example of this is the Text Ads service on the index on

First, you must download: PHP and Template Conditionals.Install it as per usual.

Second head to Templates & Styles in your admin panel. Next click Templates. Find your style and click on it. For us ours is AW 2.0 Templates.

Find Forum Bit Templates and click on it.

Then find: forumbit_depth1_cat and click on that. Now you'll see some HTML code displayed.

Paste this code at the top keeping the rest of the content in that HTML as normal.

<if $forum['fid'] == 48  then>
enter code here

<if $forum['fid'] == 48  then>
is the category ID that will be used in the code. You will need to find this in the forum list. The code will be displayed above this category.

enter code here
Replace that with the HTML you would like displayed in the area between the categories.

Submit once you've coded it up the way you want it.

By rights now it should display the content you have chosen between the category you chose; and the category before the content. So basically:

Category before content
Category after content