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Fast Search - dragonexpert - 2014-08-31

This plugin works by creating friendlier queries on the search page.  It can also reduce server load and resource consumption.

Latest Version: 3.0 ( Uploaded April 9, 2015 )

- Thread read status is not maintained due to significant overhead
- Dot icons are not maintained due to significant overhead
- Can work on either the 1.6 or 1.8 series of MyBB.
- As of version 3.0 Fast Search will scan to see if a result set already exists for the same keywords within the last 15 minutes.
- I like hearing forum stats and performance gains or losses from this product via PM. If it is a loss, provide as much detail as you can so I can see what can be done about it.

1) Upload search2.php to your forum root.
2) Upload fastsearch.php to your /inc/plugins folder
3) Either click Install and Activate OR Go to PHPMyAdmin and add a column called "moved" to the mybb_threads table. If using the PHPMyAdmin method, you will need to click Activate in the ACP.
4) Optional: Create an index on the columns "visible" and "moved". This is not done by the plugin automatically because it can take significant time to be built if you have a large number of threads on your forum.

Download Link:


RE: Fast Search - .m. - 2014-08-31

new mods site' Wrote: The new mods site is not available for the public YET. But will be soon Big Grin
anyway, it looks like 25th plugin published on the new mods site (for MyBB 1.8 series) Smile

RE: Fast Search - dragonexpert - 2014-08-31

I didn't realize that. I thought everyone could view it. I'll just upload the plugin to the first post for now.

RE: Fast Search - Max Payne - 2014-08-31

Pirata said that the new mods site isn't ready for public.

OT: Great work dragonexpert. This plugin did improve a good number of things on 1.6. Will install it on my Big Board when I upgrade.

RE: Fast Search - dragonexpert - 2014-09-02

In the next release I do, I am going to create an option for caching results. For this example assume results are cached for 30 minutes. User1 puts "plugins" in the search box and presses the submit button. It then fetches the posts as normal. 20 minutes later another user types "plugins" into the search box and presses submit. It will use the same tid and pid list that the first user got instead of having to do a full scan of the thread and post tables. This can save a lot of resources if you know certain things get searched for frequently.

I might also look into caching results from the "View Today's Posts". That would be theoritically possible. "View New Posts" unfortunately wouldn't be able to work with it since no user is going to share the same results.

RE: Fast Search - dragonexpert - 2014-11-06

The next release is coming soon. I'm going to postpone the cache for another update, in favor of a new way to search threads that will be much faster.

RE: Fast Search - Michael2014 - 2014-11-07

Now this seems like an awesome plugin, thanks for sharing it!

RE: Fast Search - jvdabz - 2014-11-08

Hi Dragon,

Thanks for ur useful plugin.Can you please add this feature to your plugin? Its something simple but very very useful.


RE: Fast Search - dragonexpert - 2014-11-09

(2014-11-08, 03:59 PM)jvdabz Wrote: Hi Dragon,

Thanks for ur useful plugin.Can you please add this feature to your plugin? Its something simple but very very useful.


The plugin is about speed searches, not about adding features to searches. This isn't something I plan on implementing.

I have most of the next version built. I just need to have it update counters in one place and then test it successfully. The next version is going well though when I was looking through my debug pages.

RE: Fast Search - Eldenroot - 2014-11-09

So, search page will be same with this mod but searching will be more resources friendly for server?