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Awaiting Activation User! - jpninside - 2014-09-01

I found a new issue that maybe no one so far discovered on 1.8.0!
I fresh installed it on my own website and when a spammer joined and I banned him without confirming his membership I still got the message in the forums heading that an user was still in awaiting activation.
And more over, I also find weird that I see 1 Awaiting Activation User in ACP dashboard but when I click on it after I banned him from ACP before, I see an error message saying to me that the user didn't exist!

I do not know if I was clear to report this bug, anyway please if you can reproduce fix it as soon as possible!

RE: Awaiting Activation User! - SeNCeR - 2014-09-01

 AdminCP > Tools & Maintenance > Cache Manager => awaitingactivation  Rebuild Cache

RE: Awaiting Activation User! - RoyalBird - 2014-09-01

Is that the case of cache, i thought it wasnt. But that red bar should be hidden at the time when the user is banned,

[Image: 3ocDdfq.png]

RE: Awaiting Activation User! - SeNCeR - 2014-09-01

The suggestion has been deprecated.