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Issues with Images - anishniranam - 2014-09-02

i have successfully upgraded to latest, but images not showing for example user online/offline etc. its now showing with the extension .php . also moderation select is also not working. i mean edit/delete etc.

RE: Issues with Images - Jus4Lulz - 2014-09-02

Having same issue, waiting for solution :/

RE: Issues with Images - Yasu - 2014-09-02

If you guys are using custom themes, or the 1.6 default skin. You will need to manually update all of the changed templates, or upgrade to a new theme. Please post a url to the problem.

RE: Issues with Images - anishniranam - 2014-09-02

where i can get the updated default mybb theme.

RE: Issues with Images - .m. - 2014-09-02

^ MyBB 1.8 default theme is already available on 1.8 upgraded forums (admin panel --> themes section)