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Templates - Billie Joe Armstrong - 2014-09-02

I checked that diff Report thing and it said stuff was added in the header i went to delete it and it wasn't there?
[Image: 7763d9b8c3722d63214ed35fab053144.png]

[Image: 270e338c3b701f39666590e45dbdc99c.png]

RE: Templates - sphinx - 2014-09-02

I am also checking diff reports and am finding big chunks of pink text suggesting customizations I have made - only a lot of them I have not made and do not know what to do about. I do not want to revert to original because there are some customizations I have made like adsense and breadcrumbs at bottom of threads.

Do I need to do anything about the pink text blocks and how am I supposed to know what when lots of it I did not know was me doing it.