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Group Permissions Problem - Flandre - 2014-09-02

Hello, I have started a new forum yesterday using MyBB 1.8.

I changed the user group options for members so that they cannot delete their own threads and posts.

I made a test account under the regular Members group, and I posted a test thread and reply.
The delete button is still there. I could still delete my own thread and posts as a regular member.

I'm not sure if it's a problem with MyBB or something in the configuration.  Huh

RE: Group Permissions Problem - dragonexpert - 2014-09-02

First try rebuilding the usergroup cache. ACP->Tools & Maintenance->Cache Manager. If the issue persists, go to the Forums & Posts tab. Click on each of your categories and make sure Can Delete Posts and can Delete Threads are not checked. After that save.

RE: Group Permissions Problem - Flandre - 2014-09-02

I rebuilt the usergroup cache, but nothing changed.

It looks like the categories do allow members to delete their own posts/threads.
I changed the permissions and it worked. Looks like I have to do it to each individual forum.

Thanks for the help!