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Webmasters forum - Wo3e - 2007-01-31

Hello Big Grin

here is my site webmasters all about html css php and more come Big Grin

Thanks for ur time Smile

RE: Webmasters forum - Justin - 2007-01-31

Wrong forum; I've moved it for you.

RE: Webmasters forum - cgshelf - 2007-02-01

Nice theme. I really like it.

RE: Webmasters forum - Wo3e - 2007-02-01

Thanks Big Grin

RE: Webmasters forum - Joe7 - 2007-02-01

Ohhh Yeah... Your theme is great. I really like it. The only thing I have a problem with is in your footer. Do you think you need to center your contact us -- return to top.... etc line?