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Searching in Configuration - jvdabz - 2014-09-03


When you search something in Configuration,two boxes appear simultaneously. The above box says "Searching..." and the below box gives the result for example: "There was an error fetching your search results: No settings were found for the specified search phrase." ;And then both boxes disappear simultaneously.

The problem is they shouldn't appear simultaneously. The "Searching..." box should appear first and after that it should disappear and the result box should appear.

Also each box has a close button, then we have a "close all" button below the boxes; In addition after a few seconds (2 or 3 seconds) all of the boxes disappear simultaneously. Do we need many ways to close such temporary boxes?!

RE: Searching in Configuration - Jones H - 2015-06-25

IMHO this report is invalid. If the AJAX request takes some time those boxes wouldn't appear simultaneously. It's simply caused by a fast answer from the server.

RE: Searching in Configuration - Jones H - 2015-07-02

Rejecting. If someone has another opinion feel free to comment.