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Template Needed - Avonlea - 2005-02-03

I was wondering if any of the artists could help me out. I am looking for a forum skin that has a "space" type feel to it. Blacks, stars, greys ect. I can provide all graphics, and I have some html experiance, so even just a bit of help I can imput the correct graphics codes. I am co-mod of a Star wars galaxies forum for our smallish group.. I just want something with a star warsy feel. Also, a quick explanation on how to imput it to the one I already have. I'm not looking to reinstall it to our web space.. but to be cosmetic. If anyone can do this, please pm me or reply here. Thanks so much,


RE: Template Needed - Kodaks - 2005-02-04

Send me your images, and I'll see what I can do Smile

[email protected]