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Login with Steam - VeryInsane - 2014-09-10

This can be moved to the appropriate sub-forum if incorrect. I wasn't quite sure where to put it.

Basically this plugin seems to be the best for login with Steam functionality.

With the 1.8 update, I was wondering if anyone could verify if this still works? I know I could just slap it on myself and see but I don't want to put my website at risk of an exploit. The files are pretty small if anyone wanted to help out.

I'm asking for the community's help, but if a myBB dev wants to check it out obviously I wouldn't oppose Toungue


RE: Login with Steam - fonta - 2014-09-10

Link doesn't work.

RE: Login with Steam - VeryInsane - 2014-09-10

(2014-09-10, 08:37 PM)fonta Wrote: Link doesn't work.

The forum isn't parsing the ending dash at the end of the URL;

manually paste this in: