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Forums help - MuhammedSuleiman - 2014-09-12

Hi guys,
So i was wondering instead of dragging the premissions to the other side o prevent it , is there anyway to remove all ofo the premissions from specific group?

im speaking about creating forums

RE: Forums help - .m. - 2014-09-12

is it permission of creating threads ? if so =>

admin panel >> users & groups >> groups >> click on specific group >> Forums and Posts
--> Posting/Rating Options? --> Can post new threads? <-- un-check and save settings

RE: Forums help - MuhammedSuleiman - 2014-09-13

no no thats not what i mean
you know when you modify a forum , you drag the premissions to the other side to get it inherited
So , iwant an easy way to REMOVE all of the specific group(s) premissions , without dragging the 4 fields
to the other side

RE: Forums help - .m. - 2014-09-13

permissions set at group level should carry to forums unless you use custom permissions for specific group at forum level